Sealy is the biggest bed brand in the world with a Sealy bed being sold across the world every 3 seconds. Their aim is to help customers become deeper sleepers through experience and innovation. You can try a large selection of Sealy beds at Sleepwell and we can offer you truly competitive quotes on all of their best selling models.

With over 115 years of experience, Rest Assured know a thing or two about making luxuriously comfortable beds. Using traditional pocket spring technology to ease away everyday aches and pains, a Rest Assured bed is the one your back would choose for unrivalled comfort and support. Sleepwell offer a selection of Rest Assured products, including the brand new British Wool Collection in store at the best prices on the market.

By combing state of the art technology with traditional craftsmanship Healthbeds are able to produce high quality, individually made beds using only the finest materials helping to give you best nights sleep you’ve ever had. Sleepwell Beds are proud to display the Kensington collection made famous by The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate.

One of the leading bed manufacturers in the UK, Highgrove have become famous for their AdvantEdge mattresses that feature a high density foam encapsulation that has been designed to widen the total sleep surface. This means that Highgrove AdvantEdge models will support your bed right to the very edge – preventing ‘roll-off’ and edge breakdown that you get with ordinary mattresses. In effect a Highgrove double bed will provide the same sleeping area as a King Size from many other manufacturers. Find a selection of Highgrove products as exceptional prices in store.

British brand Newgate started life a quarter of a century ago, when entrepreneurs Jim and Chloe Read first met, fell in love, and began looking for ways to combine their shared passions for retro and contemporary design. Their ambition to create a legacy of great products has meant momentum hasn’t slowed now that Newgate has earned its place as the leading British destination clock brand and you can purchase a wide selection of Newgate products at discounted prices at Sleepwell Beds,

A CLEVER CHOICE IN FURNITURE. The brand with great tradition and a history of more than 115 years has specialised in producing furniture for complete fitted bedrooms and individual wardrobes and drawers. Modern, attractive bedroom and storage space solutions that are made in Germany so the quality is guaranteed. They offer a wide range of styles and finishes to offer you the perfect match for your personal style yet affordable through Sleepwell beds.

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