Sliding Door Wardrobes

For more than 115 years, the name Rauch has stood for high-quality furniture proudly made in Germany.

They will only ever use only high-quality materials containing no harmful substances, which combine with good workmanship, modern design, functionality and durability. We are able to offer all of this at remarkably affordable prices.

Available in a range of dimensions, colours and finishes you can create an exclusive look customised to your style.

Complete Bedroom Design

The bedroom is not just the heart of the home – it’s our oasis of calm for getting away from it all. And feeling relaxed at home means planning the perfect interior design that meets our own specific needs

They are not just for the purpose of sleeping any more. Today’s bedrooms have been transformed into our own personal havens: their blissfully private feel opens up all sorts of possibilities for personalising the space. At Sleepwell beds we offer you the complete Rauch collection to maximise your storage options regardless of the space available we have the solution for you.

Customised Free Standing Furniture

Manufactured in the UK and available in a wide variety of colours and customisable finishing details you can create your own look in a surprisingly cost effective manner. Each collection offers an extensive range of items that will allow you to maximise your space regardless of the size of your room. Ready assembled upon delivery so no fuss, your dream bedroom created instantly.